Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Wednesday, October 24, 2007


okey dokes,its that time again!!

got a new phone that other people might actually have a charger for!!!!!now the whole feckin family have nokias but what odds?nob nation(on 2fm):monaghanese part 2 was actually pretty good cause i do use some of the sayings that were featured on it,such as "as much use as tits on a bull"..made me feel homesick for a second

so yeah,in instrument technology we're doin metalwork since last week.did some filing,hacksaw,drilling and lathe exercises so far,gonna start soldering(soll-der-ing..sorry but my art teacher couldnt pronounce it)the next day.halloween break is supposed to start today and graduations the next 2 days(supposed to be helpin set up stuff for it)and in sound engineering meself and tom have to sing cause we're startin to record properly tomorrow(when everyone else is off on holliers!!).still havent decided what song we're doin yet....
goin back to metalwork,the instructor doesnt seem too bothered about health and safety cause he's said nothin to me and tom about tying our hair back or anythin..and just cause i'm a girl doesnt mean i dont know anythin about metalwork..a lot of my family are involved in it in some way so it gets a little bit irritarting when i'm expected to f**k it up all the time...bring back minty,all is forgiven!!!: p
just had an Excel assessment in IT and got it finished pretty quick so thought i'd let all my fans(hahahahaha)know how i'm gettin on.any feedback(non-amp/monitor related) welcome,it'd be nice to know if anyone actually reads this: p

chat2yiz again sooner(hopefully)
le gra,

Monday, October 8, 2007


reeely sorry bout the delay folks!turns out i forgot me feckin password(and me trousers: P)
so anyways we had to make 3 clamps in 2 classes in instrument technology as an assesment.twas only worth 5% but sure every little assessments worth 10% and apparently its a cd rack..damn straight we can do that in 1 class!!!memories of the hedgehog ones we made in 1st or 2nd year are floodin back to me...*sniff*....
stayed in athlone over the weekend,but woulda been much more fun if i hadnt left BOTH my phone chargers at home:'(
i miss saffy...hopefully i'll be able to upload pictures of both my darling children soon...

took part in a jelly eating contest for people in need last week with tom hanevy from my class(cause we were the only ones who wore our jammy jams in!!!) and ended up throwin loads at eachother cause some guy downed the whole bowl in about 2 minutes..felt rough as a dog afterwards..never saw red puke before.......
in other news hopefully gonna be helpin out at the childline gig in scribes on wednesday night!!and have to be in a re-enactment thing with the drama society that mornin..basically have to pretend to be unconscious in a mangled car while the emergency services get us outta there and whatnot..should be a larf...

thats about it for now(everybody say AWWWWWWW)
get back to yiz sooner this time!!
le gra agus meas,
do chara dilis,

Monday, September 24, 2007


finally got a picture of my bench for instrument technology,but now this blog wont let me upload it!!!>:( ah well...its pretty much a standard MDF wall-mounted workstation with assorted woodworking tools (and a junior hacksaw) that i share with ricky from group b as i've already said..can't wait to get started workin on joints or whatever we're startin with.
sound engineering starts on thursday!!!!the studio's not quite finished,but it's close enough to be used for a class..
acoustics is startin this week too.we're gonna be out in one of the prefabs so it'll bring back memories of 1st and 2nd year german in the old school..*sigh*.....
don't like business admin much so far...but it might get better,ya'd never know..
gotta go to a drama society meeting now so gonna have to say g'luck(awwwwwww)

PS. Anyone interested in joinin the AIT drama society or taking part in a production of Dracula(behind the scenes or performing),meetings are on mondays from about 7pm or sometimes 6.30...pleeeeese show up,lads especially(don't be dryarses about it!!)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


so yeah we "started" instrument technology yesterday.well,by started i mean we went into the workshop and looked at stuff,took a tour of the place and took tools out of the packaging.then we were told what they were for and stuff.was supposed to upload a picture of the workbench i'm sharin with ricky from the other group but cant do that til the weekend.hope he doesnt mess up the whole feng shuei arrangements i made: P went to the freshers ball last night so cognitive thought is a slight problem today...apologies for any messed up stuff in this but only got to bed at 5am.......also watched the instructor(cant remember his name) take a plane apart and then i tried to put it back together..made a few mistakes,but didnt do too badly for a first attempt.
right,in dire need of a cuppa now so i'll chat2yiz later!!!!!
le gra agus meas,

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


just set this up in IT...could still be doodlin but sure,what odds??
if anybody likes jam let me know....