Friday, September 5, 2008

second year begins...

just about......

gotta start writin more in are gonna be a problem cause this only uploads certain formats,and my good phone is banjaxed so cant take pictures with it, and i am NOT robbin mam or emmetts camera..(emmett is my brother, tony)...

so yeah,so far we've just picked the style of guitar we're making this year.chose the dreadnought one because the sides are straighter,i already have a small guitar and,quite frankly,i didnt like the triple O..that and the size of instrument hasnt always got much to do with a smaller person's(or ladies......) capability of playing..hopefully gonna get a new nut for my first guitar and put it on soon as well..cant believe it seemed to be a normal size once........

in other classes,gonna be doin a business plan in enterprise development, just doin a ProTools revision thing in sound eng and even the lecturer doesnt know what we're gonna do in project management....but sure we'll find out soon enough.

also ran out of credit last night cause i made a phone call(!!!)which was over an hour long(!!!!!!!!!!!) to Cad(ohhh....)but thank meteor for free any network texts:P

but hopefully tomorrow night...: s

anyway i gotta go home this weekend at least so chat2ya later!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008



ok so have no idea whats goin on with my bank account right now.should have 50 or 60 quid left but turns out i only have 25 for some reason......gotta go get a statement printed off this afternoon......BALLS!!!!!

in other news myself and Eugene are on speakin terms at least now.not quite as good friends as we were before,but gettin there hopefully.oh,and in instrument tech we've started the mandolin!:) got a shit loada kerfing cut(not quite all of it yet),the sides steambent a bit and made a start on the braces.MDF formers ok,but the neck former and block are kinda dodgy so have to start them again this afternoon..but other than that its goin fine.
we had an all-day workshop thing last thursday about makin violins from a guy called James Beatley(or somethin to that effect).pretty damn interesting. i got to carve a bit of the topplate of a violin(cause nobody else would!!!) and cut the knuckles off myself cause my hand kept hittin the jig it was sittin on.....:(
oh,and last wednesday night Thomas David Matthew Hanevy made a total gobshite of me and himself.story goes like this:
went to served by Shane(the sorta goth barman with the dreds)who apparently has a thing for me...Tom calls him,points to me and shouts"you like?you like?"bastard.
later on out in the smokin area(BTW, Tony: i dont smoke) and Shane comes out as well and gets talkin to Tom,basically says he does like,and then Tom wont stop remindin me of that fact...well he was off his me,Tom,Shane the Barman(still dont know his second name),Eugene and Steve-o all go back to Steve-o's place and make tea.then I have to bring Tom home and he spills the contents of my sugar jar all over the kitchen floor,and Stiggles bites his lip.
the end.

finally,my friend Albert aka Bleach has also bought a hamster.called her Arwen,and she's the cutest little brown thing ya'd ever see or hear.the cutest little white one is still Lady Trixibelle Q. Stigglesworth the 49th,aka Stiggles.she looks massive beside Arwen....

Monday, January 21, 2008


ok so, more news

Eugene Joseph Rowe dumped me by text "because everyone was always around" last tuesday(15/1/08) due to the fact that,after all that time spent wrecking my head,he doesnt feel the same way about thats what chemistry means in wexford is it?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

new years post

back again!!!sittin at home with cold hands thinkin of whats happened since our last chat...hmm,lets of more slanderous comments(NOTHING is goin on between me and and Eugene is a different story however......),Louise's birthday night out which incorporated mine and Sarah's first trip to bar metro and bozo's,a hamster bit off and ate my fingernail(she gets more like me every day),getting drunk for the first time at my cousin anton aka the tone's 21st after 4 tequila slammers,a mickey finns and a smirnoff ice and throwing up for the first time in ages......never again.............what else....oh yeah,fallin and narrowly missin the mothers car(THANK GOD),buying a skateboard,Eugene feckin off to austria for a week,findin out my best friend is moving to america soon and new timetables which means i have to go in on fridays!!!!!!

Joe Dolan,R.I.P.

thats bout it for now folks.back at college next week so i'll chat more then. this semester we're gonna be doing taxation and accounting,business law and music and instrument appreciation..sounds fun doesnt it??? hope the last one is like art history and appreciation in some ways..........
by the way,the pictures on my phone are the wrong format for this blog for some reason so thatswhy they wont upload........

le grĂ¡,

Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Wednesday, October 24, 2007


okey dokes,its that time again!!

got a new phone that other people might actually have a charger for!!!!!now the whole feckin family have nokias but what odds?nob nation(on 2fm):monaghanese part 2 was actually pretty good cause i do use some of the sayings that were featured on it,such as "as much use as tits on a bull"..made me feel homesick for a second

so yeah,in instrument technology we're doin metalwork since last week.did some filing,hacksaw,drilling and lathe exercises so far,gonna start soldering(soll-der-ing..sorry but my art teacher couldnt pronounce it)the next day.halloween break is supposed to start today and graduations the next 2 days(supposed to be helpin set up stuff for it)and in sound engineering meself and tom have to sing cause we're startin to record properly tomorrow(when everyone else is off on holliers!!).still havent decided what song we're doin yet....
goin back to metalwork,the instructor doesnt seem too bothered about health and safety cause he's said nothin to me and tom about tying our hair back or anythin..and just cause i'm a girl doesnt mean i dont know anythin about metalwork..a lot of my family are involved in it in some way so it gets a little bit irritarting when i'm expected to f**k it up all the time...bring back minty,all is forgiven!!!: p
just had an Excel assessment in IT and got it finished pretty quick so thought i'd let all my fans(hahahahaha)know how i'm gettin on.any feedback(non-amp/monitor related) welcome,it'd be nice to know if anyone actually reads this: p

chat2yiz again sooner(hopefully)
le gra,

Monday, October 8, 2007


reeely sorry bout the delay folks!turns out i forgot me feckin password(and me trousers: P)
so anyways we had to make 3 clamps in 2 classes in instrument technology as an assesment.twas only worth 5% but sure every little assessments worth 10% and apparently its a cd rack..damn straight we can do that in 1 class!!!memories of the hedgehog ones we made in 1st or 2nd year are floodin back to me...*sniff*....
stayed in athlone over the weekend,but woulda been much more fun if i hadnt left BOTH my phone chargers at home:'(
i miss saffy...hopefully i'll be able to upload pictures of both my darling children soon...

took part in a jelly eating contest for people in need last week with tom hanevy from my class(cause we were the only ones who wore our jammy jams in!!!) and ended up throwin loads at eachother cause some guy downed the whole bowl in about 2 minutes..felt rough as a dog afterwards..never saw red puke before.......
in other news hopefully gonna be helpin out at the childline gig in scribes on wednesday night!!and have to be in a re-enactment thing with the drama society that mornin..basically have to pretend to be unconscious in a mangled car while the emergency services get us outta there and whatnot..should be a larf...

thats about it for now(everybody say AWWWWWWW)
get back to yiz sooner this time!!
le gra agus meas,
do chara dilis,