Wednesday, October 24, 2007


okey dokes,its that time again!!

got a new phone that other people might actually have a charger for!!!!!now the whole feckin family have nokias but what odds?nob nation(on 2fm):monaghanese part 2 was actually pretty good cause i do use some of the sayings that were featured on it,such as "as much use as tits on a bull"..made me feel homesick for a second

so yeah,in instrument technology we're doin metalwork since last week.did some filing,hacksaw,drilling and lathe exercises so far,gonna start soldering(soll-der-ing..sorry but my art teacher couldnt pronounce it)the next day.halloween break is supposed to start today and graduations the next 2 days(supposed to be helpin set up stuff for it)and in sound engineering meself and tom have to sing cause we're startin to record properly tomorrow(when everyone else is off on holliers!!).still havent decided what song we're doin yet....
goin back to metalwork,the instructor doesnt seem too bothered about health and safety cause he's said nothin to me and tom about tying our hair back or anythin..and just cause i'm a girl doesnt mean i dont know anythin about metalwork..a lot of my family are involved in it in some way so it gets a little bit irritarting when i'm expected to f**k it up all the time...bring back minty,all is forgiven!!!: p
just had an Excel assessment in IT and got it finished pretty quick so thought i'd let all my fans(hahahahaha)know how i'm gettin on.any feedback(non-amp/monitor related) welcome,it'd be nice to know if anyone actually reads this: p

chat2yiz again sooner(hopefully)
le gra,

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zeromenace said...

wow!! it all me me me me me !!why dont you talk about bleach!!!! its a crime...