Wednesday, January 9, 2008

new years post

back again!!!sittin at home with cold hands thinkin of whats happened since our last chat...hmm,lets of more slanderous comments(NOTHING is goin on between me and and Eugene is a different story however......),Louise's birthday night out which incorporated mine and Sarah's first trip to bar metro and bozo's,a hamster bit off and ate my fingernail(she gets more like me every day),getting drunk for the first time at my cousin anton aka the tone's 21st after 4 tequila slammers,a mickey finns and a smirnoff ice and throwing up for the first time in ages......never again.............what else....oh yeah,fallin and narrowly missin the mothers car(THANK GOD),buying a skateboard,Eugene feckin off to austria for a week,findin out my best friend is moving to america soon and new timetables which means i have to go in on fridays!!!!!!

Joe Dolan,R.I.P.

thats bout it for now folks.back at college next week so i'll chat more then. this semester we're gonna be doing taxation and accounting,business law and music and instrument appreciation..sounds fun doesnt it??? hope the last one is like art history and appreciation in some ways..........
by the way,the pictures on my phone are the wrong format for this blog for some reason so thatswhy they wont upload........

le grĂ¡,

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